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Hay Products

  • Locally Grown - Highest Quality Possible 

  • Round & Square Bales Available 

  • Grown From a Special Mix of the Following Grasses: Timothy, Brome, Bluegrass, and Clover

  • Cut Early for More Leaf & Less Stalk, Making for an Exceptional Soft & Tender Hay

  • All Baling is Continually Monitored for Moisture in Order to Deliver the Highest Premium Quality Product

  • 50# Square Bales. 4-0 x 5-0 Round Bales, Averaging 700#

  • $13.00 per Square Bale - Currently 

  • $130.00 per Round Bale - Currently

  • Delivery Available - Additional Charges

  • Custom Weather Protection Wrapping Available - Additional Charges

"Hamilton Farms is a third generation working farm in the heart of beautiful Palmer Alaska. After being one of the largest and most successful dairy farms in Alaska for 50 years, Hamilton Farms continues to serve the agriculture industry with the highest quality locally grown hay products and 100% grass fed beef sales; direct from farm to table."

4 Black Cows #3.jpg

Beef Products

  • 100% Grass Fed Beef 

  • Direct 'Farm to Table' Meat Sales

  • No Medications, Antibiotics, or Steroids

  • Pasture & Hay Fed Angus Beef

  • Animals Slaughtered Onsite by Contract Processor & Transported to Processing Facility

  • All Meat Sales are Custom Cut

  • All Meat is Packaged in Vacuumed Sealed Packages, and Labeled

  • Harvest is Done Once per Year in the Fall Season

  • Customers can Make Purchase Commitments in Whole or Half Orders.

  • Weights Determined After Slaughter

  • You Pay for the 'Hanging Weight" of Carcass at Time of Slaughter

  • Current Sales for Hanging Weight is $5.00/ #, & Client Will Pay Processor Services Separately

  • Generally Costs are about $1.00 - $1.50 per Pound Depending on Clients' Specifications.

  • Prices Subject to Change

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